Fabric and Fun in Philadelphia

Two weeks ago I left the “herd” in my husband’s care

3 girls cropped

and went to visit my sister in Pennsylvania. She lives near Allentown, but I was flying into Philadelphia so we could go straight to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza  (www.quiltfest.com) in the outskirts of Philly. I had a direct flight (imagine! not going to Chicago on the way to Philly from Cleveland!), was landing at 9 A.M. and we could be at the show by 10. Perfect. Until fog rolled into Philly and my flight was diverted to–you guessed it–Allentown. And sis was already in Philly. Thank heaven for cell phones! Many calls later, it was arranged for me to get off the plane in Allentown, my brother-in-law would pick me up and head to Philly. Sis would head back to A-town. Things were working out. The best thing about this glitch was I got to see this mural in the Allentown airport. Peeps just make me smile!

I felt very welcome indeed!

I felt very welcome indeed!

 Selfishly, the first exhibit I wanted to see was the Hoffman Challenge (www.hoffmanchallenge.com)  to “visit” my handbag, “Moonlit Jewels”, that is part of Hoffman’s 2013 Challenge traveling exhibits.

Moonlit Jewels

Moonlit Jewels

Next post:  Several of our favorite quilts at the show

Inspiration Board, Part 2

Well, I’m obviously new to posting on my blog, and somehow I “published” instead of “previewed”! My sincere apologies and here’s the rest of my thoughts. I was trying to show how I (unsatisfactorily) used the bathroom door to photograph (with the hinge in plain view that did get cropped out of final pictures), as well as my kitchen cupboards…


…and a broken tree branch.

Bella 5

Then I thought of my old inspiration board. It’s big–36″ x 48″–so I’d be able to pin almost anything I make to it for a photo session! So out came some white fabric, pinned it on, and there I have a very satisfactory and mobile board for photographing!


The blue bag is my current upcycling project, and will be further discussed in my next post. Thanks for dropping by, and I’ll try not to hit wrong buttons in the future!

Inspitation Board

My old inspiration board was so old and faded, and not being used. When we moved to this house 14 years ago, I didn’t have wall space in my sewing room big enough to hang it, so it got shoved into the garage and forgotten. (And judging from the faded spots, I didn’t change my inspiration much anyhow!)

Inspiration Board

Inspiration Board

Recently I realized I want to be able to photograph my bags and accessories better than I have been. I’ve been relying on a hook on a bathroom door