Inspiration Board, Part 2

Well, I’m obviously new to posting on my blog, and somehow I “published” instead of “previewed”! My sincere apologies and here’s the rest of my thoughts. I was trying to show how I (unsatisfactorily) used the bathroom door to photograph (with the hinge in plain view that did get cropped out of final pictures), as well as my kitchen cupboards…


…and a broken tree branch.

Bella 5

Then I thought of my old inspiration board. It’s big–36″ x 48″–so I’d be able to pin almost anything I make to it for a photo session! So out came some white fabric, pinned it on, and there I have a very satisfactory and mobile board for photographing!


The blue bag is my current upcycling project, and will be further discussed in my next post. Thanks for dropping by, and I’ll try not to hit wrong buttons in the future!


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