Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween 2013

Isn’t this a wonderful little quilt? My BFF quilting friend Janis Turocy made it for me and it surprised me arriving in the mail at work one day. I simply love it! I have a “thing” for black cats–three share our house and three more feral cats live in the yard (yes, that’s six black cats!)–so this just makes me smile. The cats and pumpkin are wool and are hand blanket stitched, the rest is cotton and the entire quilt is hand quilted. Over-all it’s 9 x 13.5 inches and is the perfect accent in my cubicle at work. It may NOT come down November 1st! Happy Halloween everyone!


Fabric and Fun in Philadelphia, Part 3

Thanks to technological challenges, I’ve been a little MIA, but I think things are cleared up. I hope so at least!

My phinal day in Philly was phull of phun and phabric. (Sorry. I’ve been wanting to do that since the beginning. It is now or never and is out of my system.) Philadelphia’s Fabric Row.  (http://www.visitphilly.com/shopping/philadelphia/fabric-row/)  What a fun place to visit! So much fabric and so little time. The shops are amazing–so much stuff crammed into small spaces–it’s impossible to absorb everything!


Something about these bins of fabric right on the sidewalk outside several of the shops really intrigued me. Do people steal them? What if it rains? Who totes them in and out every day? They are right there on the street!


There is every sort of fabric, trim and notion available at Fabric Row, though there wasn’t a huge selection of quilting cottons available. I was doing a lot of bridal work 20 years ago and was wishing I had had Fabric Row available–and convenient!–to me at the time. There is no resource like this available to Clevelanders. Sigh. Please note: there’s not just fabric to be had on Fabric Row–there are restaurants, tea shops, antique shops and I forget what else as well. So cool!

Apparently, this guy was picking stuff wherever he found it:

IMG_1088(Close Up):

sanford crop

If my husband had been along, he would’ve been whistling the theme song from “Sanford and Son”…

And just like that, my 4 day trip was over. Why do vacations fly by so fast?

Fabric and Fun in Philadelphia, Part 2

Back to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Exreavaganza (www.quiltfest.com) and the real reason for this trip aside from seeing my Hoffman Challenge (www.hoffmanchallenge.com) purse on display: viewing the quilts. Well, okay, after a fair amount of shopping, that is!

This was the first quilt that caught my eye. It’s so pretty, sort of a pastel Amish-style quilt.

Beach Quilt

But once I got up close, my jaw dropped. The quilting was amazing! The center medallion was based on a photograph of the quilter’s children playing on the beach.

Beach Quilt Center

The detail is stunning! She used a copy of the photo as the label on the back. The borders were  quilted with various marine animals, and my favorite is the corner with the jellyfish.

Beach Quillt Corner

I could have stared at this quilt all day. It’s one of those that the more you look at it, the more amazing elements you find.

I have always loved white-on-white whole cloth quilts and this one is spectacular:


Here is some of the detail


Here is a hand quilted beauty that I thought was amazing:

Hand Quilted

And the details!

Hand quilt detail

Hand quilt detail 2

Last, but not least is this hexagon quilt. My BFF who quilts is just head-over-heels in love with making English paper-pieced “hexies”. I see hexies in a whole new light, and am so much more aware of them now. I don’t know if this quilt was English paper pieced, but I do know I never, ever could have accomplished what this quilter did!

Hexie Quilt Hexie border detail Hexie Quilt detail

The green border with the black Celtic work was so amazing. Yards and yards of black bias so intricately and perfectly placed was phenomenal. To me, all those loops on the outside edges were the perfect finish.

Hexie edge detail

I could go on and on about all rest of the amazing quilts we saw, but these were the highlights for us.

Next post: Philadelphia’s Fabric Row

Fabric and Fun in Philadelphia

Two weeks ago I left the “herd” in my husband’s care

3 girls cropped

and went to visit my sister in Pennsylvania. She lives near Allentown, but I was flying into Philadelphia so we could go straight to the Pennsylvania National Quilt Extravaganza  (www.quiltfest.com) in the outskirts of Philly. I had a direct flight (imagine! not going to Chicago on the way to Philly from Cleveland!), was landing at 9 A.M. and we could be at the show by 10. Perfect. Until fog rolled into Philly and my flight was diverted to–you guessed it–Allentown. And sis was already in Philly. Thank heaven for cell phones! Many calls later, it was arranged for me to get off the plane in Allentown, my brother-in-law would pick me up and head to Philly. Sis would head back to A-town. Things were working out. The best thing about this glitch was I got to see this mural in the Allentown airport. Peeps just make me smile!

I felt very welcome indeed!

I felt very welcome indeed!

 Selfishly, the first exhibit I wanted to see was the Hoffman Challenge (www.hoffmanchallenge.com)  to “visit” my handbag, “Moonlit Jewels”, that is part of Hoffman’s 2013 Challenge traveling exhibits.

Moonlit Jewels

Moonlit Jewels

Next post:  Several of our favorite quilts at the show