Fabric and Fun in Philadelphia, Part 3

Thanks to technological challenges, I’ve been a little MIA, but I think things are cleared up. I hope so at least!

My phinal day in Philly was phull of phun and phabric. (Sorry. I’ve been wanting to do that since the beginning. It is now or never and is out of my system.) Philadelphia’s Fabric Row.  (http://www.visitphilly.com/shopping/philadelphia/fabric-row/)  What a fun place to visit! So much fabric and so little time. The shops are amazing–so much stuff crammed into small spaces–it’s impossible to absorb everything!


Something about these bins of fabric right on the sidewalk outside several of the shops really intrigued me. Do people steal them? What if it rains? Who totes them in and out every day? They are right there on the street!


There is every sort of fabric, trim and notion available at Fabric Row, though there wasn’t a huge selection of quilting cottons available. I was doing a lot of bridal work 20 years ago and was wishing I had had Fabric Row available–and convenient!–to me at the time. There is no resource like this available to Clevelanders. Sigh. Please note: there’s not just fabric to be had on Fabric Row–there are restaurants, tea shops, antique shops and I forget what else as well. So cool!

Apparently, this guy was picking stuff wherever he found it:

IMG_1088(Close Up):

sanford crop

If my husband had been along, he would’ve been whistling the theme song from “Sanford and Son”…

And just like that, my 4 day trip was over. Why do vacations fly by so fast?


3 thoughts on “Fabric and Fun in Philadelphia, Part 3

    • LOL!!! 🙂 Isn’t it phun to use ph’s where they are so WRONG?? sheesh! I just posted that post! Aside from all the #*^+ snow, I feel I’m finally back among the living. I had a horrible cold a week after I got back from Philly, then a lovely bout of food poisoning that I finally pheel normal after, then the computer #~<*-ed out on me—was pheeling very persecuted. Now–HUMAN AGAIN!! My day off tomorrow (yesterday phor you, I think) is to finish up my interview phor you and send pix. Please cross your phingers we keep power. The $&@ #{!?+~ snow keeps phalling, and is making me very, very sad (i hate winter) such WET snow is just not nice.

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