Fairy Bag

This little fairy flitted around my studio for several years. I intended to put her on a denim vest and never did. Every time she surfaced I tried to put her to use but nothing was ever quite right.


Then I remembered this skirt in my upcycle stash:

IMG_1724 crop IMG_1727 crop

And ta da! She had a home. It took me a while and some (ok, lots of) reverse sewing before I landed on the right “moody” feel I wanted for the bag. I was happy to finally utilize some hand-dyed ribbon in my stash as well as the raggedy rose. Once I got rolling it was like she was telling me what she wanted.





The hardest thing was taking her to the consignment shop!

No Tree This Christmas!

Barnie on china cabinet

And this, my friends, is why there will be no tree in our house this year. This, and watching cats vs. Christmas tree videos on YouTube. I figure if the dining room table is a launchpad to the china cabinet, the coffee and end tables would be open invitations to the tree. It’s interesting how having 3 house cats has changed our lives!